2012 – Randy Blythe from ‘Lamb of God’ is charged over the death of a fan at a concert in Prague in 2010 on This Day in Rock!

2012 – Randy Blythe from ‘Lamb of God’ is charged over the death of a fan at a concert in Prague in 2010 on This Day in Rock!

The singer was accused of pushing the fan off stage during a show in the Czech Republic. The fan hit his head when he fell to the concrete floor and died of his injuries 14 days later. The 41-year-old singer faced five to 10 years in prison if convicted.

During a concert on May 24, 2010, in the Prague club Abaton, Blythe was involved in an incident that resulted in the death of Daniel Nosek, a 19-year-old attending fan. According to eyewitness statements cited by the Czech online daily newspaper aktuálně.cz following Blythe’s arrest, Blythe was chanting “Come on up” between songs, which, the newspaper stated, may have been intended to invite applause from the audience and not a direct invitation to fans. The newspaper went on to report that the fan tried to climb onstage and was thrown by the singer from the stage, falling backwards directly on his head. According to the same paper, Nosek was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, suffered serious brain trauma, fell into a coma, and died weeks later from his injuries.

A report about the concert at issue released on May 26, 2010 by topzine.cz stated that “one of the things that was unexpected was the behavior of the singer Randall Blythe, who on a few occasions struck some fans in a relatively brutal way off the stage.” The article also contains pictures, one of them showing Blythe holding a fan down on the ground. Meanwhile, another report released two days after the concert by metalopolis.net alleged that “Randy in a totally uncompromising way took down an impertinent fan, who has climbed the podium several times. The front-man clearly showed that it is his territory, he struck the intruder down, punched him a couple of times and sent him through the air off the podium, without even stopping singing (!)” On May 28, 2010, the report by marastmusic.com stated that “some broken head was a testimony to the fact that the band does not like anybody on the stage”, while abysszine.com stated that “the only negative thing about the concert was, to say it mildly, disputable approach of the band towards the stage-divers … when somebody tried to climb the stage, he was brutally swept down.”

Following Blythe’s arrest, Tomáš Fiala, a promoter of the concert, said that there was no fight between the fan and Blythe, and that “it was an unfortunate incident which happened during the concert when someone climbed onto the stage where he was not supposed to be.” According to the Lamb of God publicist Adrenaline PR, “the incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance. It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head.” However, it was revealed during the trial that it was a different fan who previously got into contact with Blythe than Nosek. Guitarist Willie Adler said, “I can’t recall that particular show, let alone a fan being beaten on the stage. I think I would’ve noticed something like that considering the Dime thing.”

According to Blythe’s attorney Martin Radvan, the police launched an investigation following the death of Nosek, about a month after the concert and following a coma. After interviewing several eyewitnesses from the concert, the police asked the United States Department of Justice to take part in the investigation; however, they refused to cooperate and, moreover, did not notify anyone from Lamb of God or its management

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