2012 – Oasis Lead vocalist voted greatest frontman of all time on This Day in Rock Music History… What, what , what???!

2012 – Oasis Lead vocalist voted greatest frontman of all time on This Day in Rock Music History… What???! That’s the problem with polling, it’s based on who, how, and when the question was asked. Freddie Mercury was number two… kewl, but I’d like to see the list of who was on the list.. or was it just an open ended question. Also, if you asked just the younger generation, then you would just hear about young or recent singers. Ok… at least Jim Morrison, Mic Jagger, and Freddie Mercury are on there… let’s face it… Jim invented the bad boy front man persona… David Lee Roth perfected it… Liam… you are great… but you are just copying what came before…

And let’s not forget about… John Lennon, Robert Plant, and Paul Rodgers… oh year… what about Ozzy with Black Sabbath… and David Lee Roth. Come on… Polls are for idiots.. But,… here it is anyways. Really… i think these places do it, just to get the web hits. I’d love to count Elvis and Sammy Haggar, but they really are not frontmen… they are the band.

This Poll wins the Darwin Award. Thanks XFM

From: www.xfm.co.uk/

Xfm’s Greatest Frontmen Of All Time – The Top 20

No. 20 – Chris Martin

The Coldplay head honcho sadly brings up the rear in our Top 20 countdown.

No. 19 – Thom Yorke 2

The Radiohead frontman shakes a mean maraca.

No. 18 – Ian Brown 3

The Stone Roses legend makes No. 18 in our countdown.

No. 17 – Caleb Followill 4

The Kings Of Leon star also plays a neat bit of guitar, too.

No. 16 – Ian Curtis 5

The late, lamented Joy Division singer died in 1980 but his legend lives on.

No. 15 – Joe Strummer 6

Frontman with The Clash and a solo artist in his own right.

No. 14 – Eddie Vedder 7

A strong showing for the Pearl Jam singer.

No. 13 – Tom Meighan 8

Kasabian dude – the man of a thousand haircuts.

No. 12 – Mick Jagger 9

The Rolling Stones frontman may have invented many of the great rock stage moves, but he doesn’t make the Top 10.

No. 11 – Paul Weller 10

Lots of love for The Modfather, but he just misses out on a Top 10 placing.

No. 10 – Alex Turner 11

The Arctic Monkeys frontman is one of the most inventive songwriters of his generation.

No. 9 – Kurt Cobain 12

Kurt checked out in 1994, but you still love him.

No. 8 – Jim Morrison 13

The Doors singer famously died in a bath at his home in Paris in 1971.

No, 7 – Morrissey 14

The Smiths superstar remains hugely popular, 25 years after the band split.

No. 6 – Brandon Flowers 15

Frontman with The Killers, solo artist, synth twiddler, father, husband and Mormon.

No. 5 – Matt Bellamy 16

Into the Top 5 with the guitar wielding hero that is Muse man Matt Bellamy.

No. 4 – Dave Grohl 17

Officially the nicest man in rock.

No. 3 – Dave Gahan 18

Lots of support in Xfmland for the Depeche Mode dynamo.

No. 2 – Freddie Mercury 19

The late, great Queen frontman came runner up in our poll of polls.

No. 1 – Liam Gallagher 20

And our winner is… the Oasis and Beady Eye superstar! He outpolled Freddie by two to one votes. Thanks to everyone for voting!

Xfm’s Steve Harris called Liam to present the news. He concurred.

“Greatest frontman? I knew that anyway! There’s not many of us about. There are a lot of pretenders out there. But I’d like to thank everybody for voting and stuff. Nice one.”

Asked if he ever entertained the thought of being a guitarist or other sideman, Liam said: “I don’t think I could handle the bass guitar, but I could see myself down the line on guitar and I can see myself smashing the kit up. But but singing is all I can do. It’s always been about the vocal for me, man. If you’re a good looking fucker like me, you’ve got to be down the front, haven’t you?”

And how did Liam come up with his trademark hands-behind-the-back stance? “If I hold the microphone stand, I feel a bit weak and a bit singerish,” he explained. “But when I put my hands behind my back I feel more power. it feels like it’s going to go off at any minute.

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