2011 – Lady Gaga Unveils Polaroid Camera Sunglasses at CES

Lady Gaga

2011 – Lady Gaga Unveils Polaroid Camera Sunglasses at CES

She’s adorned her shades with lit cigarettes and covered her peepers with jewel-encrusted spheres, but Lady Gaga’s latest pair of sunglasses has taken eyewear to stylish and tech-savvy new heights.

The influential songstress revealed her yearlong “Grey Label” collaboration with Polaroid to a packed room and thousands of fans who tuned into the event via Ustream at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas on Thursday (January 6), and among the spankin’ new products is a pair of shades with cameras embedded in the lenses.

Gaga, who took the stage nearly an hour after the publicized start time in a black corseted gown and wispy veil, showed off the innovative specs perched on a bronzed mannequin. Once turned on, tiny twin screens appeared in each lens, and Gaga explained that the futuristic accessories can snap photos and capture video, and are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and a USB connector.

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