1958 – Tom Size is born this day in rock history!

Tom Size

1958? – Tom Size is born this day in rock history!

Tom Size – Discography


Title Task
Philip Aaberg
Out of the Frame (1984) Engineer, Mixing
Abraxas Pool
Abraxas Pool (1997) Mixing
The Alibis
Forty Days and Forty Nights (1999) Mixing
Laurie Anderson
Strange Angels (1989) Engineer
Count Basie
Golden Years (1972) Remixing
Jennifer Berezan
Borderlines (1992) Engineer, Mixing
Lift (1998) Mixing
Booker T. & the MG’s
Best of Booker T. & the MG’s… (1986) Remastering
George Brooks
Lasting Impression (1996) Mixing
Alison Brown
Twilight Motel (1992) Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
Tommy Castro Band
Exception to the Rule (1995) Engineer, Mixing
Tommy Castro Band
Live at the Fillmore (2000) Engineer
Tommy Castro Band
Guilty of Love (2001) Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Tommy Castro Band
Gratitude (2003) Producer, Engineer, Mastering
Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra
Absolutely! (1995) Mixing
Richie Cole
Signature (1988) Engineer, Mixing
Tom Coster
Let’s Set the Record Straight (1993) Engineer, Mixing
Alex de Grassi
Beyond the Night Sky (1996) Mixing
Windjammer (1997) Engineer, Mixing
Diga Rhythm Band
Diga (1976) Assistant Engineer
The Dramatics
Somewhere in Time (1986) Assistant Engineer
Peter Elman
Dakota Nights (1993) Mixing
Peter Elman
Race Point (1994) Engineer, Mixing
Peter Elman
First Take (1998) Mixing
Break (2000) Mixing
Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 (2001) Engineer, Mixing
Blink Of An Eye (2002) Engineer, Mixing
Tug Of War (2003) Engineer Mixing
Pete Escovedo
Mister E (1987) Remixing, Mixing
Pete Escovedo
Flying South (1995) Engineer
Pete Escovedo
Whatcha Gonna Do (2001) Mixing
Every Mother’s Nightmare
Wake up Screaming (1993) Engineer, Mixing
Tammy Fassaert
Just Passin Through (1995) Mixing
Ella Fitzgerald
Concert Years (1953) Remixing
Ella Fitzgerald
All That Jazz (1989) Engineer
Start From The Dark (2004)


Kaila Flexer & Third Ear
Listen (1995) Mixing
Matt Flinner
View from Here (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Tom Fogerty/Randy Oda
Sidekicks Engineer
Rebecca Coupe Franks
All of a Sudden (1992) Engineer
Tret Fure
Time Turns the Moon (1991) Engineer
Tony Furtado
Roll My Blues Away (1997) Engineer
Terry Gibbs
Dream Band, Vol. 3: Flying Home (1959) Remixing
Paul Gilbert
Flying Dog (1999) Engineer, Mixing
Paul Gilbert
Beehive Live (1999) Engineer
Paul Gilbert
Burning Organ (2002) Mixing
Paul Gilbert
Space Ship One (2005) Engineer
Paul Gilbert
Get Out Of My Yard (2006) Engineer, Mixing
Lisa Goulder
Hurry My Heart (2001) Engineer, Mixing
Gyuto Monks
Tibetan Tantric Choir (1986) Engineer, Remixing
Mickey Hart
At the Edge (1990) Engineer
Ed Haynes
Ed Haynes Sings Ed Haynes (1989) Engineer
Carla Helmbrecht
Be Cool Be Kind (2001) Engineer, Mixing
Christmas Heritage (1998) Mixing
Hillbilly Idol
Hillbilly Idol (2002) Engineer
Peter Horvath
Foreign Matter (1995) Engineer
Denise Jannah
Different Colours (2003) Engineer
Jazz at the Philharmonic
Tokyo: Live at the… (1953) Mixing
Generations (2005)


Kathy Kallick
Matters of the Heart (1993) Engineer
Kathy Kallick
Call Me a Taxi (1996) Mixing
Kathy Kallick
Reason & Rhyme(2004)
Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Barney Kessel
Red Hot and Blues (1988) Engineer
Barney Kessel
Plays for Lovers (2003) Engineer
Ustad Sultan Khan
Sarangi: The Music of India (1974) Assistant Engineer
Light of the Spirit (1987) Assistant Engineer
Phil Klein
In the Hour of Shadows and… (1994) Engineer, Mixing
Phil Klein
Cruise Control (1997) Engineer, Mixing
Sy Klopps Blues Band
Walter Ego (1994) Engineer
Sy Klopps
Berkeley Soul (2000) Mixing
Frankie Lee
Going Back Home (1994) Engineer
Huey Lewis & the News
Fore! (1986) Assistant Engineer
Huey Lewis & the News
Small World (1988) Assistant Engineer
Huey Lewis & the News
Time Flies: The Best of Huey Lewis (1996) Assistant Engineer
Huey Lewis & the News
Small World/Sports (1998) Assistant Engineer
Laurie Lewis
True Stories (1993) Engineer, Mixing
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Oak and the Laurel (1995) Engineer, Mixing
Laurie Lewis
Earth & Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis (1997) Engineer, Mixing
Laurie Lewis
Seeing Things (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Laurie Lewis
Laurie Lewis & Her Bluegrass Pals (1999) Engineer, Mixing
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Winter’s Grace (1999) Engineer, Mixing
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Guest House(2004) Engineer
The Mad Lads
Madder Than Ever (1990) Engineer
Manhattan Transfer
Vocalese (1985) Assistant Engineer
Mike Marshall/Darol Anger
At Home and on the Range (2002) Mixing
Deidre McCalla
Everyday Heroes & Heroines (1992) Engineer, Mixing
Deidre McCalla
Playing for Keeps (2003) Engineer, Mixing
Deidre McCalla
With a Little Luck Engineer, Mixing
Randy McDonald
On the Wildside (2003) Engineer
Dave Meniketti
Meniketti (2003) Engineer, Mixing
Charles Mingus
Complete Debut Recordings (1951) Audio Enhancement
Mr. Big
Lean into It (1991) Engineer, Mixing
Mr. Big
Bump Ahead (1993) Engineer, Mixing
Mr. Big
Raw Like Sushi 2 (1994) Assistant Engineer
Mr. Big
Hey Man (1996) Engineer, Mixing
Mr. Big
Deep Cuts: The Best of the Ballads (2000) Engineer
Mr. Big
Deep Cuts: The Very Best of Mister (2000) Engineer, Mixing
Mr. Big
Mr. Big In Japan (2002) Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Eddie Money
Can’t Hold Back (1986) Engineer
Ronnie Montrose
Mr. Bones [Sega] (1996) Mixing
Dorothy Moore
Time Out for Me (1988) Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Mumbo Gumbo
Deep Soup (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Andy Narell
Little Secrets (1989) Engineer, Overdubs, Mixing
Andy Narell
Down the Road (1992) Engineer
Andy Narell
Long Time Band (1995) Engineer
Jovino Santos Neto…
Canto Do Rio (2003) Engineer
Ross Nickerson
Blazing the West (2003) Engineer
Night Ranger
Big Life (1987) Assistant Engineer
No Nation
Illumine (2005) Mixing
Scott Nygaard
Dreamer’s Waltz (1996) Engineer, Mixing
Oaktown Jazz Workshop
Pocketized (2003) Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
Ray Obeido
Perfect Crime (1989) Mixing
Ray Obiedo
Iguana (1991) Engineer, Mixing
Ray Obiedo
Sticks & Stones (1993) Engineer
Ray Obiedo
Sweet Summer Days (1997) Engineer
Babatunde Olatunji
Drums of Passion: The Invocation (1988) Assistant Engineer
Babatunde Olatunji
Drums of Passion: The Beat (1989) Assistant Engineer
Our Boys Steel Orchestra
Pan Night & Day (1988) Assistant Engineer
Joe Pass
Guitar Virtuoso (1973) Engineer
Joe Pass
Blues for Fred (1988) Engineer
Michael Peloquin
House of Cards (2000) Engineer, Mixing
Todd Phillips
In the Pines (1995) Engineer, Mixing
Psychograss (1993) Engineer
Like Minds (1996) Mixing
Racer X
Technical Difficulties (2000) Engineer, Mixing
Racer X
Live at the Whiskey: Snowball of… (2001) Engineer
Racer X
Snowball of Doom (2002) Engineer
Racer X
Getting Heavier (2003) Mixing
Gregg Rolie
Roots (2001) Engineer, Mixing
Sonny Rollins
Freedom Suite (1958) Mastering
Romanovsky & Phillips
Hopeful Ramantic (1994) Engineer
Fred Ross
Dignity (2000) Engineer
David Lee Roth
Eat ‘Em & Smile (1986) Assistant Engineer
Tom Rozum
Jubilee (1998) Engineer, Mixing
Todd Rundgren
Nearly Human (1989) Engineer
Joe Satriani
Flying in a Blue Dream (1989) Assistant Engineer
Charles Sawtelle
Music From Rancho DeVille (2001) Engineer
Neal Schon
Late Nite (1989) Assistant Engineer
Ned Selfe
Glaciers Come, Glaciers Go (1995) Engineer
Marcos Silva and…
Here We Go (1987) Assistant Engineer
Steve Smith & Vital…
Easier Done Than Said (1992) Engineer, Mixing
So Vo So
So Vo So (1997) Engineer, Mixing
The Sons of Angels
Sons of Angels (1990) Assistant Engineer
The Spinners
Down to Business (1989) Mixing
The Spinners
Chrome Collection (2003) Mixing
Knee Deep in the Hoopla (1985) Engineer
L. Subramaniam
Indian Express/Mani & Co. (1999) Engineer
Expose (1985) Engineer
Keith Terry & Crosspulse
Keith Terry & Crosspulse (1994) Engineer
Suzanne Thomas
Dear Friends & Gentle Hearts (1998) Engineer
J. Thompson
Inside World (2006) Mixing
Lucie Blue Tremblay
Transformations (1992) Engineer
The Tubes
Love Bomb (1985) Assistant Engineer
Leslie Tucker
In This Room (1995) Mixing
Strength in Numbers (1994) Engineer, Mixing
VTR (Valory, Tickner, Roseman)
Cinema (2005) Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Harvey Wainapel
Ambrosia: The Music of Kenny… (1995) Engineer, Mixing
Kit Walker
Fire in the Lake (1989) Engineer, Mixing
Glenn Walters
King of Retro Cool (2000) Engineer, Mixing
Way Fatt
Paradise Lost (1998)

Engineer, Mixing

Chris Webster
Drive (1999) Engineer, Mixing
The Websters with Scott Nygaard
Ten Thousand Miles (2004)
Engineer, Mixing
Erica Wheeler
Harvest (1996) Engineer, Mixing
Cris Williamson & Teresa…
Country Blessed (1989) Engineer, Mixing
Cris Williamson
Real Deal (2005) Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Cris Williamson
Ashes (2001) Engineer, Mixing, Photography
Michael Wolff Trio
2 AM (1995) Engineer
Michael Wolff Trio
Jumpstart (1995) Engineer
Mitch Woods & His Rocket…
Mr. Boogie’s Back in Town (1988) Engineer
Mitch Woods
Solid Gold Cadillac (1991) Engineer
Mitch Woods & His Rocket…
Shakin’ the Shack (1993) Engineer, Mixing
Mitch Woods
Keeper of the Flame (1996) Mixing
Yesterday & Today Live (1990) Engineer
Ten (1990) Engineer
Black Tiger Re-issue (2005) Mixing
Meanstreak Re-issue (2005) Mixing
One Hot Night DVD 5.1 & CD (2007) Mixing
Original Soundtrack
At Play in the Fields of The Lord (1992) Engineer
Original Soundtrack
Mega Man (1996) Mixing
Various Artists
Jazz at Santa Monica Civic ’72 (1972) Remixing
Various Artists
Bach Variations-A W.H. Sampler (1994) Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists
True Life Blues: The Songs of Bill (1996) Engineer
Various Artists
Different Mozart (1996) Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists
Rounder Bluegrass Guitar (1996) Engineer
Various Artists
Blue Ribbon Banjo (1996) Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists
Bluegrass Today: The Hits (1996) Engineer
Various Artists
Songs of the Louvin Brothers (1997) Engineer
Various Artists
Harpestry: A Contemporary… (1997) Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists
Treasures Left Behind: Remembering (1998) Engineer
Various Artists
Cash on Delivery: Tribute to… (1999) Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists
Bat Head Soup: A Tribute to Ozzy (2000) Engineer
Various Artists
Salt Lake 2002: Light up the Land (2002) Mixing
Various Artists
Les Paul & Friends-Fly Like An Eagle (2005) Engineer
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