2008 – Unreleased material Jimi Hendrix wrote and recorded

Jimi Hendrix

2008 – Unreleased material Jimi Hendrix wrote and recorded with twin brothers Arthur and Albert Allen — a.k.a. the Ghetto Fighters — may finally be released through software/multimedia company we-R-you. The Allen brothers, who now go under the names TaharQa and Tunde Ra Aleem, first met Jimi in the mid-60s and worked with Hendrix on recordings that would ultimately wind up on posthumous releases like Rainbow Bridge, War Heroes and Cry Of Love. Among the material the Aleem brothers have unearthed is previously unheard recordings, a feature screenplay and a cartoon drawing of Hendrix drawn by Hendrix himself. “Jimi was a true visionary whose creativity went far beyond music,” says TaharQa Aleem. “He saw the future and while he may not have understood computers or known about digital technology and virtual worlds, he knew that things like this were coming and created material that would work in that world.” The unearthed material will be released through we-R-you in segments, as “each element needs to be released in its own time and way,” says the company’s chief branding and marketing officer Allen DeWinter.

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