2008 – THE CULT frontman Ian Astbury has told…


2008 – THE CULT frontman Ian Astbury has told Canada’s Sun Media his band won’t be hitting the road with LED ZEPPELIN if and when the legendary group should decide to spin a full-blown tour out of its recent one-off reunion show.

“That really goes to show you how naive people are, and how these things can get blown out of proportion,” said Astbury. “It’s been embellished by journalists … I haven’t even spoken to anyone from LED ZEPPELIN’s camp.”

Astbury reportedly announced during a show in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 17 that his band would support LED ZEPPELIN on a 2008 tour. According to an MTV.com report, Astbury told the crowd, “We’ll be back next year because we’re opening for a band you may have heard of … the name starts with an ‘L’ and has a ‘Z’ in it.” After a fan shouted, “LED ZEPPELIN,” Astbury nodded and raised his arm in the air.

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