2008 – EXODUS Guitarist Slams ‘Death Magnetic’ Production

Gary Holt from Exodus

2008 – EXODUS Guitarist Slams ‘Death Magnetic’ Production – Nov. 9, 2008

EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt is featured in the latest installment of the “Call & Response” section in Decibel magazine in which a member of a noted extreme band reviews songs from other metal artists as well as those reaching far beyond the metal world.

On the subject of METALLICA‘s “My Apocalypse” track, which is featured on the band’s latest album, “Death Magnetic”, Holt said, “There are some killer riffs on this one; nice to hear them rediscover that tempos can be fast sometimes. Much better than any of the last three [METALLICA albums], for sure. But [producer] Rick Rubin is a monumental hack. He has killed the production of this record for me. I was really expecting to hear James [Hetfield] throw down the ‘…And Justice’ crunch, totally crushing guitars, but these are not heavy at all. If all they were looking for in a producer was ‘guidance,’ I would have told them all they need to know for dinner and a beer: ‘Go back, listen to your legendary records, listen to your DIAMOND HEAD records, and then gather in a room together and make a metal record.’ I would have given them this advice for free — much cheaper than Rubin! But it’s growing on me. I still dig it, just not the sound of it. [Producer] Andy Sneap [MEGADETH, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD, NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY] would have made this a monster. And thank Satan Kirk [Hammett] is soloing again! The world needs him to shred.”

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