2008 – Alice Cooper was the featured musical performer on CBS-TV’s “Late Late

2008 – Alice Cooper was the featured musical performer on CBS-TV’s “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” this past Monday, September 29. Watch his performance of the track “Vengeance is Mine” below.

According to a press release issued earlier in the week by the Cooper camp, Alice was the victim of “censorship” during his latest “Craig Ferguson” appearance. The rock legend, currently promoting his “Along Came A Spider” (SPV) album, has met this particular beast numerous times during his 40-year career.

The album tells the story of a serial killer and as part of the song, Alice was going to re-enact a piece of his video by picking a female victim from the audience to choke with a silk scarf during the band’s live performance of “Vengeance is Mine”. (Both the album version of the song and the video feature ex-GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash.) What viewers saw was a truncated version of what actually happened. Unfortunately, the “murder” of one of his victims was just too much for CBS-TV’s censors (although Ferguson loved it) and, as such, his request was denied.

In 1975, Alice Cooper starred in an ABC special, “Welcome To My Nightmare”, also featuring Vincent Price, which caused the ABC censors to cut out all the violence that had been included in the originally delivered film.

The uncensored version of the new three-song video including “Vengeance is Mine” can be seen on MySpace.com/AlongCameAVideo as well as YouTube.com/SPV and Imeem.com/AliceCooper starting Wednesday, October 1.

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