1998 – Mariah Carey uses her celebrity status to t…

Mariah Carey

1998 – Mariah Carey uses her celebrity status to try to help police find a missing 13-yearold girl. The Grammy award-winning singer joins the family of Christina Williams at a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel to tape a public service announcement about the girl who disappeared a month earlier while walking her dog. Carey volunteered her services after learning that the missing girl from Seaside, Calif., was a fan.

SEASIDE, California (CNN) — Scattered remains found near a former army base were those of Christina Williams, a 13-year-old girl who vanished seven months ago while walking her dog, authorities announced Thursday.

The child’s disappearance drew national attention when several celebrities appealed for her return and offered a $100,000 reward.

At an afternoon news conference, Bruce Gephardt, the FBI’s special agent in charge, said the Monterey County coroner’s office had made the identification from dental records.

At the Williams home, the girl’s mother sobbed as she spoke before the cameras.
Christina’s parents mourn their loss

“We know these bad people, they are around. They are around us, driving around, looking for innocent children like our daughter Christina,” said Alice Williams.

“Don’t be surprised when one of these days (there is) another victim. We know who you are,” Williams sobbed. “I know you are out there looking for somebody.”

Christina’s remains had been discovered Tuesday by an ecological surveyor working on a small University of California nature reserve. It’s located three miles from the Williams home at the former Fort Ord Army Base.

“We don’t know how long the body was there and don’t know if that can be determined,” said Gephardt.

He also said that the cause of the girl’s death remains unclear.

Body not found when site searched last summer

Authorities Thursday did contradict statements made earlier that no one had searched the site last summer where the body was found this week.

Authorities went back and talked with search coordinators who supervised the hundreds of FBI agents, sheriff’s deputies and armed forces who searched the Monterey area in June.

The search coordinators said the area where the girl’s body was found had been searched with dogs, military personnel and an all-terrain vehicle. They found nothing at that time.

Despite that massive manhunt, no arrests have been made. Authorities say they are asking anyone who may have seen anything to call the FBI.

Christina’s father makes a plea

Christina’s father, Michael Williams, publicly thanked everyone involved in the search for his youngest daughter. He also made a plea.

“We’ve got to do something to end the violence on our children,” Williams said. “It’s just got to end. We’ve got to protect our children.”

He also called on everyone to remember those children still missing across the country.

Williams disappeared June 12 while walking her dog in Seaside, about 90 miles south of San Francisco and only three miles from the site where the body was found Tuesday.

After she disappeared, pop star Mariah Carey and actor Clint Eastwood made appeals for her return, and a $100,000 award was posted for information leading to her return.

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