1997 – The Michael Jackson film Captain EO has…

1997 – Michael Jackson film Captain EO’ shows for the last time at Disneyland. The scandal and molestation charges Michael faced prompted Disney to remove the attraction. Nice family ride… way to go Disney! After Michael’s death, Disney reinstated the attraction replacing ‘Honey I shrunk the Audience’.

Michael Jackson Starred what Disney hoped would be the biggest attraction at Disneyland in 1985. It was hoped that  Michael’s star Power would create the attaction of the decade.
George Lucas, Star Wars, created the storboard that Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola would direct. On September 12, 1986 at the Florida Walt Disney World Resort, the 30 million dollar project previewed for the first time wowing Disney and Jackson fans.
Songs: “Another Part Of Me” and “We Are Here To Change The World”. 

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