1977 – Elvis Presley is found unconscious in his b…

Elvis Presley

1977 – Elvis Presley is found unconscious in his bathroom at Graceland Mansion. He is pronounced dead of heart failure.

Elvis Presley died on 16 August 1977 at his home Graceland in Memphis. His body was found by is girlfriend, Ginger Alden in Elvis body  in the bathroom and summoned Joe Esposito & Al Strada and Dr Nichopoulos. All efforts to revive Elvis were futile.  Elvis had probably been dead for many hours by the time his body was found.  Elvis had not gone to bed at his customary time, between six and seven am. At about 2.30pm the Memphis Fire Department rescue unit arrive at Graceland who rush seven mile to the Baptist Memorial Hospital. Elvis was pronounced “dead on arrival” after an 30 minute attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He was pronounced clinically dead at on the steps of the Baptist Hospital, Memphis. Elvis Aaron Presley was pronounced dead at 3.30pm on the 16 August 1977 by his physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos

Dr Jerry Francisco, chief medical examiner of Shelby County conducted the three-hour autopsy on Elvis upon Vernon Presley’s request. Dr Francisco ruled Elvis died as a result of coronary arrhythmia (an irregular beating of the heart resulting from myocardial infarction) Elvis real “cause of death”  revealed more than originally reported to the media is a bid to retain Elvis Presley reputation as the King of Rock n Roll
The month of August turns Elvis fans thoughts and prayers to the death of Elvis Presley. Thousands commemorate Elvis Presley Death by making the pilgrimage to Memphis to pay their respects at Elvis’ Graceland graveside. Many fan clubs organize events to remember the life and times of their idol. Others, like myself, will play their favorite Elvis CD and reflect. Millions more will watch the vigil live on Graceland’s cam.

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