1968 – John Lennon sells his psychedelic Rolls Royce.

John Lennon’s Rolls Royce

1968 – John Lennon sells his psychedelic Rolls Royce.


Introduction: Every so often, within local circles of Beatle collectors, some excellent information is brought to my attention. When Alan Chrisman held his 2nd Beatle Convention in tandem with the National Museum of Science and Technology’s showcasing of Lennon’s Rolls-Royce Phantom V here in Ottawa during 1996, he asked the museum’s curator to send him a personal fax detailing the history of John’s car. The fax, unfortunately, was received on one of those old waxy fax sheets and some of the information (a small middle part) was lost in the transmission. After reviewing the data on the fax sheet that Alan handed to me, I realized that there was more than enough information to do a very good write-up on the car but one important piece of information was missing: namely, what year did John dispose of the Rolls and to whom? Knowing that “Beatlology” magazine recently did an excellent review on the car, I thought I’d indulge upon the good nature of two excellent Beatle researchers, Steve Clifford and Andrew Croft. Both Steve and Andrew gracefully responded back by e-mail and are credited here for providing me with that date. So, thank you Steve and Andrew (and keep up the excellent work on your “Beatlology Magazine!”). Special thanks also goes out to Alan Chrisman for providing me with the fax transmission for my research. Thank you Alan! And your friends are quite right when they said you are one cool cat!

– John Whelan, Chief Researcher for the Ottawa Beatles Site

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