1960 – Stu Sweatman is born in Tokyo Japan this day in rock history!

Stu Sweatman

1960 – Stu Sweatman is born in Tokyo Japan this day in rock history!

When Stu Sweatman was a wee little one he found out very soon that he wanted to do Music for a Heart and Soul life time pursuit… nothing else would do! Coming from a family where everyone around him played at least one instrument incredibly well, he was tickling ivorys at the meager age of 2, and a mother in the next room with perfect pitch telling him how to do it.
By the time he was fourteen, he was playing drums in a local act, and giggin’ the local venues. Piano and drums were a precursor for his true calling, Guitar… and ultimately vocals. With influences like The Beatles, Nickleback, Kurt Cobain, Vanhalen, Gin Blossoms, Sting, Steve Vai, Creed, and Bonnie Raitt to name but a few, and playing in National Acts such as Urgency, Avatar, Little Bridgette, The Boogers, and Saving Grace, his ecclectic style makes his uniques sound and style worth listening too.
Today Stu is an accomplished and well rounded musician playing venues for local to national acts, Jamming with, and supplying his talented hand to much session work including commercials and big name people such as: No Nation(Ross Valory(Journey), Mike Pinder(Moody Blues), Jon Anderson(YES), Stef Burns(Huey Lewis), Jeff Tamelier(Tower of Power), Eddie Ulibarri(Alexis), John Hernandez, Stevie Roseman, Tom Size(Steve Miller)); The Pinder Brothers; Avatar; Victor Agnello(Laaz Rokit), John Lee Hooker, and Zakk Wylde to name a few.
Also, Stu Sweatman is an accomplished writer Publishing several books along the way including, ModeJamm and ModeMaps, and Selling several songs that are being used in Movies, commercials, and Televsion programs.



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