1947 – Tom Schulz (Boston) is born.

Tom Schultz

1947 – Tom Schulz (Boston) is born in Toledo Ohio. Tom was guitarist mastermind behind the mega group “Boston”. It was once said that he turned Rock guitar into something that could be played in church.

Donald Thomas “Tom” Scholz (born 10 March 1947) is an American rock musician, songwriter, guitarist, inventor, and mechanical engineer, best known as the founder of the hard rock band Boston. He is also the inventor of the Rockman guitar amplifier. As noted by Allmusic, he is ‘a notoriously “un-rock n’ roll” figure who never enjoyed the limelight of being a performer’ but instead concentrated almost exclusively on his music. After achieving commercial success with Boston, Scholz has spent much of his time working with charities.

Personal life

Scholz has been a vegetarian for 31 years and a supporter of many organizations including PETA and Greenpeace. He set up his own charitable foundation, the DTS Charitable Foundation, in 1987 to help support such causes as animal protection, providing vegetarian resources, stopping world hunger, creating homeless shelters, food banks, as well as animal rescues and sanctuaries, and advocating for children’s rights. Through his work with his foundation, he has raised millions of dollars. Scholz married his second wife, Kim Hart, in the Florida Keys on January 11, 2007. They live in the Boston area.

From his first marriage, Scholz has one son, Jeremy, who graduated from MIT in 2005 with a degree in mechanical engineering. When asked if his son likes his music, Scholz joked, “I think he does… but he’s such a nice kid that he would pretend he did even if he didn’t.”

Scholz has remarked on the relationship with Boston’s various record labels that “The music business would be a good thing, except that it’s dominated by drug addicts and businessmen”. In regard to the theme of his album Corporate America, Scholz told the Sierra Club that “The thing that made me decide to break with previous albums and include an overtly political song, was when I discovered that for the first time in American history big business owns the news media”. He also stated that “The public has been sold a bill of goods about the free market being a panacea for mankind. Turning corporations loose and letting the profit motive run amok is not a prescription for a more livable world”.

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