1946 – Linda Ronstadt is born in Tucson, Ariz., th…

Linda Ronstadt

1946 – Linda Ronstadt is born in Tucson, Ariz., the daughter of German/Mexican parents. Her biggest hit is the No. 1 song “You’re No Good,” penned by Roy Orbison. She goes on to win Grammys in the pop, country and Mexican/American categories.

Linda Maria Ronstadt (born July 15, 1946 in Tucson, Arizona) is an American popular vocalist and entertainer who has earned multiple Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, numerous United States and internationally certified gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums, a Tony Award and Golden Globe nominations. A singer-songwriter and record producer, she is better known as a definitive interpreter of songs. A prolific recording artist, Ronstadt has recorded over 30 studio solo albums, and has made guest appearances on over 100 other albums.

Ronstadt has recorded studio albums in many genres outside the rock field and is known throughout the music industry as one of the most versatile, durable, and commercially successful female singers of all time. Branching out, she has recorded Traditional Pop, mariachi, jazz, folk, Broadway and opera. However, her most commercially successful period was during the 1970s and 1980s. By the mid 1970’s, she became the first female artist in music history to have highly anticipated arena and stadium tours – coinciding with a string of blockbuster albums, thus making her able to command sell-out concerts.. By the end of the decade, she solidified her role as one of rock and pop’s most successful solo female acts of all time, and for a time, the highest paid woman in rock. As she moved on to other genres in the 1980s she maintained her consistent commercial success, scoring many platinum albums, and remaining one of the best-selling solo album artists of this decade. From the 1990s on till today, Ronstadt has continued her success, releasing many Grammy winning recordings and remaining one of the most celebrated recording artist to date. Ronstadt has charted over 30 albums on the Billboard 200 pop album chart, 10 of which have reached top 10, and three of those have peaked at No. 1. She also has 21 Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, 10 of which have reached the top 10, three peaking at No. 2, and the No. 1 hit, “You’re No Good.”

Linda Ronstadt is a 2008 candidate for induction into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame. I would like to encourage every Ronstadt fan who visits this page to visit the Hall of Fame website and cast a vote for Linda. The fan votes are the ultimate decision as to who is inducted. Just go to the website via this link, click on the “Vote for this Artist” symbol, and register your vote.

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