1940 – Cream drummer Ginger Baker is born in London.

1940 – Cream drummer Ginger Baker is born in London.

Peter Edward “Ginger” Baker (born 19 August 1939, Lewisham, South London) is best known for his work with Cream and Blind Faith. He influenced millions of drummers worldwide introducing African influences into Rock Music supporting Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. He garnered the respect of other great drummers including such as Billy Cobham. Although Baker was from mostly a Jazz background, he became Rock Music’s first superstar drummer.

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While at times performing in a similar way to Keith Moon from The Who, Baker also employs a more restrained style influenced by the British jazz groups he heard during the late 1950s and early 1960s. In his early days as a drummer, he performed lengthy drum solos, the best known being the five minute drum solo “Toad” from Cream’s debut album Fresh Cream (1966). He is also noted for using a variety of other percussion instruments and for his application of African rhythms. He would often emphasize the flam, a drum rudiment in which both sticks attack the drumhead at almost the same time, giving a heavy thunderous sound.

Ginger Baker’s Handprints at the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame
The Storyville Jazz Men and The Hugh Rainey Allstars

Storyville Re-Visited (1958) also featuring Bob Wallis and Ginger Baker

Graham Bond Organisation

Roarin’ with Don Rendell (Jazz) (1961)
Live at Klooks Kleek (1964)
The Sound of 65 (1965)
There’s a Bond Between Us (1965)

Cream discography

Fresh Cream Polydor (1966)
Disraeli Gears Polydor (1967)
Wheels of Fire Polydor (1968)
Goodbye Polydor (1969)
Live Cream Polydor (1970)
Live Cream Volume II Polydor (1972)
BBC Sessions (2003)
Royal Albert Hall London, May 2–3, 5-6 2005 Reprise (2005)

Blind Faith discography

Blind Faith Polydor (1969)

Ginger Baker’s Air Force discography

Ginger Baker’s Air Force Atco (1970)
Ginger Baker’s Air Force II Atco (1970)

Baker Gurvitz Army discography

Baker Gurvitz Army Janus (1974)
Elysian Encounter Atco (1975)
Hearts on Fire Atco (1976)
Flying In and Out of Stardom Castle (2003)
Greatest Hits GB Music (2003)
Live in Derby Major league productions (2005)
Live Revisited (2005)

Solo discography

Ginger Baker at His Best (1972)
Stratavarious Polydor (1972)
Ginger Baker & Friends Mountain (1976)
Eleven Sides of Baker Sire (1977)
From Humble Oranges CDG (1983)
Horses & Trees Celluloid (1986)
No Material live album ITM (1987)
Middle Passage Axiom (1990)
Unseen Rain Day Eight (1992)
Going Back Home Atlantic (1994)
Ginger Baker’s Energy ITM (1995)
Ginger Baker The Album ITM (1995)
Falling off the roof Atlantic (1995)
Do What You Like Polydor (1998)
Coward of the County Atlantic (1999)
African Force ITM (2001)
African Force: Palanquin’s Pole Synergie (2006)


Live! Fela Ransome-Kuti and The Africa’70 with Ginger Baker, Regal Zonophoneas/Pathe Philips (1971) / Polydor (1972)
Band on the Run Paul McCartney and Wings, Capitol/EMI (1973)
Levitation Hawkwind, Bronze (1980)
Zones Hawkwind, Flicknife (1983)
This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic Hawkwind, Flicknife (1984)
Album Public Image Ltd, Elektra/Virgin (1986)
Unseen Rain with Jens Johansson and Jonas Hellborg, Day Eight (1992)
Sunrise on the Sufferbus by Masters of Reality, Chrysalis (1992)
“Cities of the Heart” by Jack Bruce, CMP Records (1993)
Around the Next Dream by BBM, Capitol (1994)
Synaesthesia by Andy Summers, CMP Records (1996)
Coward of the County Ginger Baker and the Denver Jazz Quartet Atlantic (1999)

Instruments and sound

Baker’s current kit is made by Drum Workshop. He used Ludwig drums until the late 1990s. All of his cymbals are made by Zildjian; the 22″ rivet ride cymbal and the 14″ hi-hats he currently uses are the same ones he used during the last two Cream tours in 1968.


20″x 14″ Bass (right foot)
22″x 14″ Bass (left foot)
12×8″ & 13×9″ top toms
14×14″ & 16×14″ floor toms
1940’s 6.5″ x 14″ black finished Leedy Broadway wood Snare

Snare tuned high, toms and bass tuned low

In May 1968 Baker purchased a new Ludwig drum kit with 20″x14″ & 22″x14″ bass drums, a 14″x5″ metal Super-Sensitive snare and the same-sized toms for Cream’s farewell tour.

Current drums

10″x 8″,12″ x 9″,13″ x 10″,14″ x 12″, Toms on front rack stands
20″x 14″ & 22″ x 14″ Bass drums
13″ Edge Snare drum Snare
14″ Leedy Snare (Spare)
DW 5000 Accelerator Bass Drum Pedals
4 DW cymbal stands
1 DW 5000 HiHat Stand
1 DW Snare Stand
Zildjian Ginger Baker 7a sticks


1963–present made by Zildjian


16″ crash left upper
13″ crash left lower
14″ hi-hats left
20″ ride right front lower
14″ crash right front upper
22″ rivet crash/ride right back upper
18″ crash right back lower
8″ which Ginger once called a “joke effect” splash right of middle


16″ K Dark Thin Crash
15″ A New Beat Hi Hats
8″ A Splash
8″ A Fast Splash
10″ A Splash
8″ A Splash
13″ Top Hat
22″ A Series Medium Ride Rivet Ride
18″ China
18″ A Medium Crash
Cow bells front right

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