The Voice – Semi-Final Eliminations

The Voice

Semi-Final Eliminations

By: Eddie U


Last season’s Dia Frampton started off the show with a very cool song “Don’t Kick The Chair” off of her latest album “Red”– with two time Grammy award winner Kid Cudi supporting Dia with a very cool rap. This version of rap really added to the song. It really shows what the talented production machine behind the show can do to mentor new talent into platinum selling records. (I know Dia’s not platinum yet, but she’s on her way.)


Vickie Martinez – also one of the finalists from season 1 performed a song from her new album entitled “Come Along”. She sang a duet with her coach from last year, Mr. Ceelo. Another very cool song. Wow… this T.V. machine is great! Very impressed.


The third performer from last season – Beverly McClelland – performed a tune off of her new LP as well, called “Money Changes Everything”. Singing with Beverly was Grammy winner artist Cindy Lauper. Love it! Another well written song. Beverly is like a spectacle that you almost can’t look away from, with decent vocal ability. But thank god Cindy Lauper was along for the ride. Cindy killed it. She looked great – and event sounded better. Cindy sang her ASS OFF! Thank you Cindy! Great job!


And finally in the last performance of the night from last year, was season 1 winner

Javier Colon singing his new single called “A Drop In The Ocean”. He starts out playing Roland’s V-piano grand, and then moves to the mike with good stage presence. His ballad in ¾ time has a nice groove with a very catchy hook. Another well done production.


Tonight’s show is a good indication of how The Voice has turned into a record selling machine. The four singers from season 1 came out swinging, and all of them had a great night. The top four from tonight will fair as well. You will also hear from some of the singers that went home tonight. The voice was good last year… but it’s much much better this year. The show has really grown up. I believe there are a few more bugs that they will work out for next season.

Adam told Katrina that she is by far the most improved of all the contestants this season. Both of his team members are winners. And the judges are right… all 8 performers tonight are winners. Making it this far in the show is an experience few get to do. I wish all of the singers the very best of luck, both the ones that go on to next week, and the folks that are going home tonight, especially our California girl – Lindsey Pavao.


The singers that are going through to next week are:

Team Christina:

Chris Mann

Total score – 108


Team Adam:

Tony Lucca

Total score – 123


Team Blake:

Jermaine Paul

Total score – 123


Team Ceelo:

Juliet Simms

Total score – 121



Voted off of tonight’s show are:


Team Christina:

Lindsey Pavao

Total score – 96


Team Adam:

Katrina Parker

Total score – 93


Team Blake:

Erin Willett

Score – 77


Team Ceelo:

Jamar Rogers

Score – 79

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