The Voice – Quarter Final Performances

The Voice – Quarter Final Performances
By: Ed Ulibarri
The show threw a curve ball to the judges with something new called “Instant Elimination”. I believe that they made this up so that Christina could Eliminate Jesse Campbell. Why else would she throw out one of the best singers in the competition? There is no other explanation for his departure from the show. He must have really pissed her off. Adam tried to rationalize the decision by saying that he liked to have control instead of the voters having it.
Starting the show usually features one of the best performances of the night as the show wants to start off strong. Going first was RaeLynn. This should have been a clue to the overall quality of the performances tonight. Let’s just say that it was a rough night for every singer on the show. It’s almost like there was a problem with the in ear monitors – they couldn’t hear enough of their vocals over the track… they all had pitch issues.

“Instant Elimination’ – Kicked off the show tonight by two of the judges were:
Jesse Campbell – by Christina
Jordis Unga – by Blake

Tonight’s contestants – In order of appearance:

#1. 4/17/2012. The Voice (Quarter Final Performances on NBC)
Team Blake:
Score – 5
Song: She’s Country – by Jason Aldean
Judge notes:
Christina: I’m a fan… you make me want to sing country. You are a little bad ass… man.
Cee Lo: That was the best performance for you (of the show so far) It was like AC DC did a country song.
Adam: This was the best moment for you.
Blake: You just proved to America that country can kick ass.

Team Christina
Jesse Campbell
Score – 4
Song: Halo – by Beyonce
Judge notes:
Christina: On an emotional level – you really brought it today. Wonderful job.
Cee Lo: Wonderful – You sung that hell out of that record bra.
Adam: I wasn’t feeling the song choice until it kicked in. (at the end) you are a huge favorite.
Blake: Nobody is going to sit here and say that – that was anything short of a great performance.

Team Blake:
Jordis Unga
Score – 4
Song: A little Bit Stronger – Sara Evans
Judge notes:
Christina: I like when you show your vulnerable side.
Cee Lo: Great choice of song Blake.
Adam: You’re so emotional up there, and that is what people want to see. You did an amazing job.
Blake: I’m really proud of you doing that song. You did perfect.

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