The Voice – Quarter-Final Performances – Live Eliminations

The Voice

Quarter-Final Performances – Live Eliminations


Thankfully, there were better vocal performances last night than there were last week. The show really drags when the contestants don’t bring the heat.

Blake said that people were pissed about RayLynn getting voted off the show.

RayLynn is cute, and the TV seems to love her, but the choice was a hard one for Blake as he was trying to choose between two people that he knows won’t come close to winning the show. RayLynn might sell a few records to the country market; however she may not be “A Star” as Blake might think.


America saved:

Team Adam: Tony Luca


Team CeeLo: Jamar Rogers


Gone from the show tonight:

Adam let go of Mathai.

(Katrina has a better chance of winning the competition than did Mathai – right choice)


CeeLo let go of  Cheesa.

CeeLo: Juliet – your voice is like art imitating life.

(This was a no brain-er – but neither Cheesa nor Juliet has a chance of winning the big cahoona)



Tonight’s “Sing for your Life” performances:


Team Adam

Song: Cowboy Casanova

Blake: I’m glad to see her embracing her hillbilly side.

Christina: Adam’s in a tough spot tonight.

CeeLo: I really like the aggression that you used to convey your need to stay. I appreciated it.

Adam: Your whole spirit is infectious.

(Eddy U: Mathai sang her ass off – and did herself proud. Too bad she didn’t sing this song last night.)



Team CeeLo

Song: Already Gone

Blake: It’s hard not to get excited. She sang some flat notes.

Christina: You were a hair under pitch almost the whole time.

Adam: You guys were right. Today wasn’t as strong. You showed your stuff.






Team: CeeLo

Song: Torn

Blake: I was the only one that didn’t hit the button for you. I love you… I get it now.

Christina: I’m a fan of your voice. The softer voice that you use, isn’t my favorite place for your voice to sit. I’m waiting for you to do another Roxanne. (The Police)

(Eddie U”  Ditto Christina)



Song: Perfect

Blake: Katrina is the best singer on your team.

Christina: I think you’re great at picking songs for yourself. Out of everyone on Adam’s team, I’m most excited to hear you sing original material sung by you.

CeeLo: I agree. Great song choice for you. Great performance.

(Eddie U: I’m a fan of Katrina, but tonight’s performance was not one of her best by a mile. I hope Katrina has the gas – no pun intended – to go the distance. She needs to rest her voice a bit before the next show. Hang in there K.)







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