The Voice – Quarter-Final Performances

The Voice – Quarter-Final Performances


Voted off tonight:

Cee Lo let go of James. CeeLo walked up to James and told him that “I got you man”, meaning that he plans on continuing to work with James. We haven’t heard the last of this kid.


Adam let go of Pip. I’m sure it was a close call between Pip and Mathai. Adam made the right decision based on Pip’s performance. Neither had a chance of winning the whole Banana.


The show started off with a bang, it came from CeeLo. There were many people laughing, and we all didn’t know why, until CeeLo confessed – I have gas!

Christina gave it away as she was fanning the air back towards Cee Lo. Why is a fart soooo funny??? On national TV no less. Now that’s entertainment!



Eddie U – My take:

Jamar did a good job opening the show – plus he has a great story. The Bon Jovi song could be a hit with a few tweaks in the studio. CeeLo… nice job on the arrangement.


Katrina had a great night. Her performance wasn’t flawless, I believe that Katrina’s voice is fatigued a bit. She had two little bits that kept her performance from being flawless. I think Katrina will definitely have a career as a recording artist. I really like this girl. Katrina should be in the top three of the show.


Mathai did not have a good night. She was nervous, and I don’t think she was happy about the song choice. She has a unique quality about her… but I think she’s in trouble.


James didn’t have the benefit of a song that fit him, plus some nasty pitch issues. CeeLo really blew it with this song choice. The handsome kid may just barley survive this week – or not.


Tony had a great night tonight. His performance is a good example of having the right song, with the right arrangement. It makes all the difference when the song fits the artist, and compliments his or her strength.

This version of this song could hit the charts again. Tony… you need to hold Christina to her offer of the MMC reunion. Not only would that help launch your new career, it would be received like gangbusters. Snap!


Cheesa could sell some records with strong songs and the right producer. Here’s a shout-out to the producers of The Voice –  you should go with the music producer that was going to work with –  once again – one of the best singers of all time… Whitney Houston. I’m talking about Narada Michael Walden. Narada could whip Chessa into shape… Look out! Narada had some tracks already done, and ready for Whitney to start work on right before her passing. I would have liked to hear those tracks for sure!


Pip started out strong, but seemed to lose it when the song kicked in on the up-tempo part, and then it got worse with some severe pitch issue. Pip should be in trouble.


Juliet started off a little on the rough side, but pulled it off when she got into the ROCK part from the middle on. Juliet does have a very good rock vocal sound and should go on to the next round. She has to make sure that she picks the right material… and don’t let anyone pick a ballad for you…



Tonight’s contestants – In order of appearance:


#1. 4/23/2012. The Voice (Quarter Final Performances on NBC)


Team Cee Lo:

Jamar  Rogers

Score – 9

Song: It’s My Life

Judge notes:

Christina: I love that you made that song your own. You are one of my favorites. (On the show)

CeeLo: Listen to the love. You are such a strong – a sweet spirit. We all love you here man.(Cee Lo says it better… I hope you recorded the show so you can go back to hear the total critique. CeeLo gives good critique!)

Adam: You are so amazing. You belong with CeeLo, and you are exactly where you belong. (Adam sees the magic between Jamar & CeeLo)

Blake: There has never been a better pairing of a song with a singer. It irritates me.


Team Adam:

Katrina Parker

Score –9

Song: Jar of Hearts – by Christina Perry

Judge notes:

Christina: You are Katrina Parker – and you own that.

CeeLo: You look exceptionally beautiful,  your voice sounded equally flawless. It was great.

Adam: You weren’t one of my favorites on my team when we started. You have one of the best voices now… you have evolved so much. That was incredible, that was flawless.

Blake: That was awesome – totally different from anybody else.


Team Adam:


Score – 7

Song: I’m Like a Bird

Judge notes:

Christina: I didn’t really feel like you connected. It felt like it was forced fed.


Adam: I thought it was great. I think your energy was infectious.

Blake: I thought you sang that song really beautiful.


Team CeeLo:

James Masoni

Score – 5

Song: Just the way you are – by Billy Joel

Judge notes:

Christina: I would have wanted something a little different. It sounded good.

CeeLo: I think your voice is so sweet and so natural. I enjoyed the performance.

Adam: I loved it a lot.

Blake: It seemed like it kinda laid there for me.


Team Adam:

Tony Luca

Score – 10

Song: Baby One More Time – by Brittney Spears

Judge notes:

Christina: Here’s what I say. Let’s get Brittney Spears out her – on the stage, and let’s do a real Mickey Mouse Club reunion.. We’ll bring Justin out and have some good laughs and some fun. It was fun – it was different – I enjoyed it.


Adam: God I love you. You have the Mickey Mouse thing, and you wanted to get away from it your whole life. I said… why don’t we just stare it down? You embraced it – and you did something different and refreshing, and I’m so proud of you.

Blake: I pisses me off – cause that was smart (on Adam’s song choice.)


Team CeeLo:


Score – 7

Song:  I have Nothing – by Whitney Houston

Judge notes:

Christina:  I have to applaud you for courage. This week – team Cee Lo is where it’ at.

CeeLo:  You did such a wonderful job.


Team Adam:


Score –5

Song: Somewhere only we know.

Judge notes:



Adam:  That was great. There were some moments that weren’t perfect.

Blake:  I thought it was a pretty good over all performance.


Team CeeLo:

Juliet Simms

Score – 8.5

Song:   Cryin’

Judge notes:

Christina:   You are fabulous. It’s almost like you just black out on stage. I love that as a performer.

CeeLo:    My little electric guitar – my little red corvette. Your voice is too rugged, it’s like leather. I think you did a great job with the song that we selected for you.

Blake:  That was a double bonus for me cause … It sounded ”Grae” And it brought back memories of this past fall of duck season.

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