The Voice – Final Performances

The Voice

Final Performances

My Whole Note: By Eddie U

 The final four compete tonight for the winner of The Voice:

 Team Adam:

Tony Lucca


Team Blake:

Jermaine Paul


Team Ceelo:

Juliet Simms


Team Christina:

Chris Mann


Jermaine Paul got the honor of opening the show with a huge production of “I Believe I Can Fly” by R Kelly. Mr. Paul was supported by a string section and the great St. James choir backing him. Too bad Jermaine wasn’t as good as the production. In my opinion, Jermaine did himself proud, but came up short with the vocal to win it all.


Up second in the competition – not counting the tribute songs to their coaches – was Tony Luca. Tony’s song choice was strong and fit him well. Tony’s song could be a hit record right now. Couple that with Tony’s strong stage presence means that he is going to be the one to beat. I must say that the judge’s remarks were somewhat subdued, and could hurt Tony’s votes for tonight.


Chris Mann sang Josh Groban’s song “You Raise Me Up” which was tailor made for him. Chris can definitely sell records with songs like this. The show had a nice touch having The James high school choir backing Chris. Over all…there wasn’t much originality here… but I have to agree with the judges, Chris is the best singer on the show. After all… the show is called The Voice. Look out Mr. Groban; it looks like you have some competition. I think the winner’s spot is between Chris and Tony.


Juliet once again had the honor of closing the show. The producers must really like her. Unfortunately Juliet was sick tonight, and didn’t have her best stuff. I also think her song choices hurt her.   


In order of tonight’s performances:


Team Blake:

Jermaine Paul

Song:  I believe I can fly – by R Kelly

Score – 8

Judges notes:

Christina:  You sing with so much heart and so much emotion. That song was made for you. You shined like a super star tonight.

CeeLo:  I like the way Blake and you collaborated on your look – you look strong, like a handsome man with a beautiful voice. And I’ve been impressed.

Adam:  You’re so powerful – you are an incredible singer. It was so elegant and so pretty.

Blake:  My heart is in my throat right now. If I could channel what ever it is that you channel when you perform – when I perform. I just don’t know how you do that. You gotta teach me that one of these days.


Team Adam:

Tony Luca

Song:  99 Problems- by Jay Z

Score – 10

Judges notes:

Christina:  I thought you sounded great. It was good fun.

CeeLo:  I thought it was hard. I liked it.

Adam:   I’m so proud of you. I do believe in you – I love you.

Blake:  What a really cool version of that song.


Team Christina:

Chris Mann

Song:  You Raise Me Up – by Josh Groban

Score – 9

Judges notes:

Christina:  You got here by true talent and voice alone. You stuck to your guns, and you let your voice just shine.  You’re amazing – and I love you.

CeeLo:  You are by far one of the most incomparable vocalist I’ve ever heard. You are so completely cool – just as you are.




Team Ceelo:

Juliet Simms

Song:  Free Bird – by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Score – 6

Judge notes:

Christina:  Great job – you killed it under the circumstances.

Ceelo:  I have one thing to say. With Juliet Simms on my team. I have no problem.

Adam:  No one sings like you. You’re incredible… It was beautiful.



There were songs tonight that didn’t count toward the voting. Each singer had a chance to performed extra songs tonight to honor their coaches, and the coaches honored the contestants back by letting them sing with them.


Tribute to Ceelo

Juliet sang – the Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy” by Ceelo Greene

Juliet and Ceelo sang “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf


Tribute to Christina:

Chris Mann sang “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera

Duet: Chris and Christina sang “The Prayer” by Andréa Bocelli


Tribute to Adam:

Tony sang Maroon 5’s hit ‘Harder To Breath”.

Tony Luca and Adam sang “Yesterday” by The Beatles


Jermaine sang “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton.

Duet: Jermaine and Blake sang “Soul Man” by Sam & Dave.


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