American Idol – Top 7

American Idol – Top 7

By: Eddie U


This week we had three back to back great performances on the show. The audience definitely got their moneys worth! Skylar, Colton, Jessica and Joshua had a great night.

Elise was a close second, and Hollie and Phillip struggled quite a bit with some pitch issues. Elise, Hollie and Phillip are in trouble of going home if the audience votes for the best vocal performances.


In order of appearance.



Score – 10

Song: Didn’t Know How Much I Loved You – by Kellie Pickler

Jimmy Iovine: You feel it, and when you perform like that… everybody feels it. When she sings… I believe it.

Akon: She is going to be a problem!

Steven Tyler: I’m enamored by the women on the show.  That the crows may crow… but the hens deliver the goods.

(I call Steven’s remarks on the show a Steven Tyler-ISM – or in short… a STIZM – because he sounds Stized when he’s critiquing the contestants. Don’t get me wrong… I love Steven and what he brings to the table.)

Jennifer Lopez: A perfect way to start the show.

Randy Jackson: It was almost perfect pitch.




Score – 9 ½

Song: Love the Way You Lie – by Skylar Grey

Jimmy Iovine: (very good choacing from Jimmy this week, especially with the arranging of the song.)

Akon: Suggestion – go beyond yourself. There are things about you that you haven’t even discovered yet.

Steven Tyler: You are such a rare talent. I can’t wait for you to record your own songs. You’re that good.

Jennifer Lopez: You do the songs your way… it’s so signature to you.

Randy Jackson: You are an artist. We got two for two. Very Hot.


Score – 10

Song: Stuttering – by Jazmine Sullivan

Jimmy Iovine: That Voice can move anybody.

Akon: You go so much control – that’s crazy. (Akon was in London w/ Jimmy a few weeks ago, and saw Jessica. He said that she is the one. She is going to be a legend one day. )

Steven Tyler: Every time I hear you sing – I forget where I am. You slay it every time.

Jennifer Lopez: You have an opportunity to take the American Idol audience on a ride – like they’ve never been.

Randy Jackson: You set the bar really high tonight. That was superb – it was the highest degree. You slayed the biggest fish of the night.


Score – 9 ½

Song: Runaway Baby – by Bruno Mars

Jimmy Iovine: He could be king some day.

Akon: Your voice is ridiculous – you can’t lose it. With his tone – he can pierce through people’s hearts.

Steven Tyler: You can sell a song like a work of art.

Jennifer Lopez: You have so much control in your voice.

Randy Jackson: You have everything going for you right now.



Score – 8

Song: Perfect – by Pink

Jimmy Iovine: You win the last note of the night award. You got to make that leap – to natural.

Akon: There comes a time when you go from amateur to pro. It hits you like a bolt of lightning.

Steven Tyler: You wasn’t perfect – it kinda laid there for me.

Jennifer Lopez: You look so beautiful tonight. I feel you fighting. You should be very proud of yourself.

Randy Jackson: It was a lot better than it was last week.


Phillip Phillips

Score – 5

Song: Give A Little More – Maroon 5

Jimmy Iovine: I think he is really on the right track this week. And I’m very proud of him.

Akon: (good coaching form Akon with this song)

Steven Tyler: I like how you have evolved with your singing. You kinda look like a Steve McQueen & a Johnny Cash kinda guy.

(Oh yea… another STIZM)

Jennifer Lopez: It was a little bit underwhelming. It wasn’t everything that you can give us.

Randy Jackson: It wasn’t that kind of a wow moment.



Score – 8 1/2

Song: You and I – by Lady Gaga

Jimmy Iovine: She will do great. She can get out of the bottom three with a good performance.

Akon: What needs to happen – is you need to kill it.

Steven Tyler: You took a song that is so simple and effortless – and made it genius.

Jennifer Lopez: You let go – but you kept control at the same time. There’s nobody that can sing like you. It’s crazy.

Randy Jackson: America – Elise is back. That was the perfect song for you. Very dope vocals right there. This is the girl we love.

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