American Idol – Top 7 Finalists – One voted off – NOT

American Idol

Top 7 Finalists

One voted off  – NOT

By: Eddie U


WOW!!! What can I say? I am very disappointed with what happened on American Idol tonight. I suspected that the producers were manipulating the voting results last year, and tonight confirmed my thoughts. Supposedly the voters put Joshua, Elise and Jessica in the bottom three. No F-in way. The prodcucers manipulated the votes for drama… and ratings. And to make things worse, the show put Jessica in danger of going home. There is NO WAY that Jessica received the least amount of votes. A.I. is on the verge of a HUGE scandal!!! And might be in for some legal problems. This is the kind of thing that will turn people off, and could lead to losing the #1 spot for a show of it’s kind. The reaction from the crowd was evidence of this. I must say that the judges acted pretty well, that is if they were in on the deception. What the show did tonight was to crown Jessica, which was extremely unfair to the other contestants. Right now, The Voice has way more integrity than American Idol.

Bad move Nigel!!!!


It was great to see James Durbin kick ass on the show. He looked great, and sounded even better. It looks like his career is off and running.

And Jennifer Hudson was AMAZING! She is the best artist the show has launched by a mile. And that is saying a lot since A.I. has been responsible for launching some amazing singers. You looked stunning Jennifer!!!


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