American Idol – The Winner Announced

American Idol – The Winner Announced

My whole note – By Eddie U


 The opening song “Run Away” was performed by the top twelve contestants, mixed in with a little So You Think You Can Dance action.

The show set a new world record with over one hundred thirty two million votes for the final two contestants.


Phillip had the honor of taking the stage with Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty singing “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” & “Bad Moon Rising”.  These songs were fairly safe for Phillip as they weren’t that challenging vocally. However the songs were hard to listen to when Phillip joined with John on the choruses as there was no blending at all. OUCH!


Joshua came back to sing Elton John’s “Take Me To The Pilot”. He was joined by his inspiration, and A.I. alum Fantasia Barrino. These singers took the audience to church with a killer choir behind them. It only makes one wonder why Joshua isn’t in the top two. He was robbed I tell you…


The ladies of the top twelve were joined by Chaka Kahn singing a medley of her hits “Ain’t Nobody”– “Through The Fire” and “I’m Every Woman”. Chaka can still sing with a lot of fire and I’m happy to say that her songs have legs and still sound great. Well done ladies.


Rihanna took the stage singing her new single “Where Have You Been All My Life” with a very sexy production. I’m sure this song is going to be a huge hit; however I must say that this song is representative of the type of formula that the song writers of today are all stuck in.

Sorry Rih!


Skylar Laine came back to sing “Turn On The Radio” with her idol Reba Mcentire. Skylar is another contestant that has the talent that could have taken her to the top of this years show. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Skylar just might go on and have the biggest music career of this years A.I contestants… She’s that good.”


Jessica took the stage and sang “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Great job.


The top twelve guys sang a medley of Neil Diamond’s songs that included “Coming To America” – “You Got The Way To Make Me Happy” and the Monkey’s “I Saw Her Face”. And finally having Neil Diamond join the boys on stage to sing “Sweet Caroline”. I’m sorry to say that watching this performance of the guys was painful. Very Karaoke. The girls put the boys to shame.


Then came Jennifer Lopez singing “Going In” and “Follow The Leader”. Jennifer had the Latin twist on these songs, but they were the victim of the same problem that Rihanna had with the “formula” type of song writing where all these dance songs sound the same. There is really nothing original in these songs. The only thing that puts the songs over are the big productions and the sex appeal of the singers.


One of my favorites – Holly Cavanagh – was joined by Jordan Sparks to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Holly actually out sang Jordan. I also predict great things for this little dynamo. Holly will sell a ton of records for sure.


The top twelve guys sang a medley of the Bee Gees hits to honor Robin Gibb who just passed away this month. WOW… I’m sorry to say that the guy’s performance was yet another karaoke moment on the show. Ouch x 2.


Jessica was joined by Grammy winner Jennifer Holiday singing “No Way I’m Living without You”. WOW… the fact that Jessica could hang with Jennifer proves that this very talented singer should be the winner of this season’s A.I. What a talent!


Next up was Steven with his band Arosmith singing “Mary Jane” and “their big hit “Walk This Way”. What can I say…? Steven still has it. Rock On baby!


Finally the last two standing sang a duet of “Love Lift Us Up”.


And the results are:

The winner is Phillip Phillips. Phillip is a really nice kid… but there are way better singers that should have won this years contest. Having said that, I want to wish Phillip a heartfelt Good Luck with his new career. You sir are this season’s winner. Congratulations!


See you next season.


Eddie U







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