American Idol – Results Show – Top 4

American Idol – Results Show – Top 4

My whole note – By Eddie U

The singers that made it through to the top three are:

Jessica Sanchez

Joshua Ledet

Phillip Phillips


Hollie was voted off the show. I believe Jimmy was right. Hollie had a tough night due to her song choices. Jimmy said he was hands off this week with the contestants with regard to their songs choices. Hollie could have used some help this week. Hollie… not to worry – this is only the beginning. You are going to rock the world with some hits of your own; if you get the help you deserve, choosing the right songs. Hang in there! Jimmy… you gotta do right by Hollie!!!


The final 4 opened the show with California Dreaming by The Mama’s and The Papa’s.

There are songs that you dare to make your own, and there are songs that should be left alone. Tonight’s opening number was a disaster. The only singer that tried to sing the song as it was recorded was Hollie, and she did a good job. Froggy (Phillip) had no business singing this song in the key it was in – horrible job. Jessica and Joshua tried to “make it their own” which was a bad idea. This song should be performed by an ensemble… not four individual artists with different styles. Another bad choice from the producers.

Jimmy’s critiques of last nights performances:

 Phillip Phillips:

Phillip – doing John Fogerty’s song “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” (with no guitar and adding a saxophone) said that it was the beginning of a night where he was gonna find his true identity and his voice.

On Damien Rice’s Volcano – Phillip finally delivered on the promise that we’ve all been looking for. It was all magnificent.

Hollie Cavanagh:

On Journey’s “Faithfully”. Randy thought Hollie was peaking at the right time, unfortunately – it was in the wrong direction.

When Hollie came in with Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – I assumed she understood the core of the song. Evidently… she did not. She did not have the personal experience or the professional experience to take on this song.

Joshua Ledet:

Joshua chose Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up”. It might have worked had he kept it simple. But he went for the full glorious gospel rendition, and that didn’t work. In my opinion – You Raised Me Up – let him down.

James Brown and Joshua Ledet came together last night and created a piece of magic that is very rarely seen on American Idol’s stage. Great song, great singer, bam – explosion. Especially on the last third of that song, which sounded like he was speaking in tongues. It was so captivating. And that’s the first time this year I felt that way.

Jessica Sanchez:

Jessica did a great job on Etta James’ “Steal Away”. But, was impersonating a great, older jazz blues singer a good idea? NA.

Jessica chose a song from the musical Dream Girls. Now with this she brought all her artillery in the right proportion. She brought her growl; she brought her power with the right dynamic. Everything she chose was flawless. She murdered it. A friend of mine – Tommy Mottlola – that helped start the careers of Jennifer Lopez and Maria Carey – said “I’m going to her first concert, this is the real thing”. I agree with him. It was shock and awe.


Guest Appearances

David Cook sang his new song “The Last Song I’ll Write For You”.

Jennifer Lopez sang her new hit single “Dance Again”.







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