American Idol – Results Show – Top 3

American Idol – Results Show – Top 3

My whole note – By Eddie U


Guest Appearances:

Lisa Marie Presley was on the show singing her new single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

Whoa… I didn’t know what to expect from Lisa, and quite frankly didn’t expect much. But I was blown away. The song had a really cool Chris Isaak vibe to it, and Lisa’s vocal chops were way cool. Your daddy would be proud Lisa. Great job!


Idol alum Adam Lambert came back to sing his new single “Never Close Our Eyes”. Adam looked good, but frankly the best part of the performance was the cool looking girl on bass guitar. The song was average at best. At least Adam sang the song live – you could tell because he had some pitch issues.

Adam… you need better writers buddy!



The final 3 opened the show with The Beatles “Got To Get You Into My Life” using Earth Wind & Fire’s arrangement. This is the first opening song in weeks that the contestants actually pulled of. Even Phillip held his own on this one.


I agree with Jimmy’s critiques 90% of the time, which includes last night’s performances. However, I couldn’t disagree more with his take on Phillip’s performance of Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got The Night”. Sometimes I feel that I’m watching a different show than what the judges are participating in. (See my critique of this song in last night’s blog.)


The show is structured to allow the voters to pick who they want to win, and rightly so as they are the ones who will ultimately buy the records that the singers record and release. But that doesn’t mean I have to like the voting results. I only have one vote. It’s obvious that I am not a Phillip Phillips fan. But voting off Joshua before Phillip is a travesty. There is NO comparison between the two. Joshua’s vocal ability is a thousand percent better than Phillip’s… not to mention Joshua’s showmanship. The only good thing about Joshua going home is that it should give Jessica less competition for the Idol. But the teeny boppers don’t vote for girls. It’s hard for me to believe that a singer with Phillip’s vocal limitations just might win the top spot. I’m rooting for Jessica.


The two going into the finale are:

Jessica Sanchez

Phillip Phillips


Voted off of tonight’s show:

Joshua Ledet



Jimmy’s critiques:


Joshua Ledet:

Joshua had a good night last night, not his best night. Over all I have him at an 8, not amazing but pretty good. I actually believe that Joshua is the most exciting showman we have in the competition.

2nd song: The melody in Lennon’s “Imagine” has a very simple melody, and Joshua had to over compensate with riffs and runs. To me, that didn’t work. That was not the right song for him.

3rd song: In fairness, I gave him a song that didn’t have enough melody (Mary J. Blige) Does Joshua belong in the finale? One hundred percent.


Jessica Sanchez:

At this point of the competition – everyone needs a shock and awe moment. That song (My All) is beautiful, tender and poignant. Jessica is powerful and an incredible singer. I just didn’t think it came together enough.

2nd song: The judges seem to feel that it all came together at that moment. (Aerosmith’s – I don’t want to miss a thing) But to be frank, what I’m looking for personally is more than that. To win, she has to have the most magical moment she’s had so far.

3rd song: (I’ll be there) She had to be two people in this song, singing Jermaine and Michael’s parts. I think that hurt her. I think Jessica is worthy of singing on the Grammys. She has an incredible gift. If she gets into the finale… it’s about the songs.

Phillip Phillips:

Phillip did a great job on “Beggin”. At this point Phillip’s sound is becoming more and more original and less derivative of other artists. Did it steal the show? NO. No harm no foul.

2nd song: “Disease” by Matchbox 20. Phillip is willing to risk everything, to go down in flames, just to experiment. It was a total snooze-fest.

3rd song: Phillip won the night with Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight”. It was the best performance he’s done in the entire contest, and certainly was the best performance of anyone last night. He was flawless. I was genuinely knocked out.








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