American Idol – One voted off (Top 7)

American Idol  

One voted off (Top 7)

By: Eddie U


Well it’s getting close to the finale. And the good news is… the show has a good group of really talented singers left in the competition. I can remember in years past thinking that there wasn’t much to choose from, that the talent was pretty thin.

The bottom three tonight completely solidified my theory that the vote was manipulated last week for ratings, and the 53 million votes last night is a good indication that it worked. The tell tale sign was evident by who was in the bottom three last week compared to the previous two weeks, and who was in the bottom three tonight. I smell something stinky.


Here are the bottom three for tonight’s show, with Jimmy’s remarks:


Hollie: Jimmy thought she would be in the bottom three. (Not so fast Jimmy… Hollie kicked ass last night. She is starting to get her mojo going.)


Elise: No baby boom with “Let’s get it on. (I thought her rendition last night was better than most of the other soul song performances. Elise is a strong singer… but she needs to take Jimmy’s advice and pick more rock type songs. The theme of the show has a lot to do with this. We’ll see what the show has for the kids next week. I think Elsie should change her look to be more ROCK… with her hair and her clothing as well. Come on baby!!!)


Voted OFF

Colton: Jimmy said that Colton is really talented. (I agree, and his performance of Earth Wind and Fire‘s “Singing in September” was original. Too bad it didn’t connect with the audience. I think the judge’s remarks had a lot to do with the low vote turn out for Colton. This kid will probably end up selling a lot of Christian records as that is where his heart is. And there is nothing wrong with that. He definitely has a career thanks to A.I.)


The other singers that will go through to next week:


Skylar: Jimmy said that she is the best performer the show has. She will definitely be in the top 5. Like I said last night, this little lady is getting stronger every week. She needs another strong week to keep the momentum going.


Jessica: Jimmy said that Jessica is singing songs that are way too old for her. What do you expect when the show makes everyone sing old songs!!!! I agree that song material is EVERYTHING. But quite frankly, I think this was a bullshit excuse for what the show did last week by putting her in the bottom three when she had no business being there.


Phillip: Jimmy said great job. But his second song – Knock on Wood – was just OK. I couldn’t agree more. He will probably get into the top 5 because the judges keep gushing about this guy. Phillip is definitly the weakest singer in the show, and should be voted off next in my opinion.


Joshua: There is no doubt that this kid can sing, and has great stage presence. Joshua had a very good night last night, and for sure will be in the top 5. He could go all the way. Any way you cut it… this kid is going to have a huge career. Look out America!!!

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