American Idol – One voted off (Top 6)

American Idol – One voted off (Top 6)

By: Eddie U


Well… I can’t believe it. Once again… the voters of America got it wrong with regard to putting Skylar in the bottom three, and giving a pass to Phillip – the worst singer in the competition. This is attributed to the judges heaping praise on Phillip, and the voters following suit. At least Jimmy got it right. I see a super star in the making with Skylar.  Phillip is someone that you will forget about in short order. Can you say bullshit???

On the other hand… the singer that was voted off the show tonight was the right one. I’m sure the choice of songs had a lot to do with the over all vote.



Here are the bottom three for tonight’s show, with Jimmy’s remarks:


I believe she picked the wrong Queen song. She’s a great singer – wrong song. Elise chose for her second song – Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold As Love”. To me… that was a double down on bad choice for the night. 



I wonder if Hollie choosing the song “Save Me” by Queen was a subconscious plea to the public. She did a very good job. Technically… she was a B+. Hollie singing “The Climb” was a great choice. I thought that was as well as Hollie could do. I just hope it was not too little too late.



I think Skylar did a very very competent job on “The Show Music Go On”. Now on her second song “Tattoos On This Town” was a little self indulgent. She said she picked this song because of her town. But if you’re going to do a song for one town, it has to be a strong enough song to appeal to the entire country in this competition. And I don’t think that song cut the mustard.



Voted OFF


(Elise will do OK with her career. I don’t see her being a big start. Having said that… she would be a very good candidate for the part as Janis Joplin when the make the Janis movie. Good luck to you Elise)



Here are the other singers that will go through to next week – with Jimmy’s remarks:



Jessica… singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody – was a plain old mistake. And then… add to it – the three faces of Jessica that came on the screen…. it actually scared me. That bit was less Queen and more Stephen King. On the other hand. Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross was magnificent. She sang it brilliantly. Clever plus real talent… that’s double the vote.



I was really impressed last night with Joshua doing “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. He showed me something in the cross-over aspect of his career that he can really hit on. That Gary US Bonds feel – with Sam Cook… singing a Queen song.

And then he switches you completely, into “Ready For Love”. Emotional, restrained, and just moved all of us – right where he wanted us. If he keep’s delivering like that… with that kind of intelligence, I think that will take him to the final.




Ryan is not the only person not feeling well this week. Phillip is really having a rough time and it’s starting to show. It just was missing something. Phillip for his second song – chose Dave Mathews’ “The Stone”. Dave Mathews is someone who he is regularly compared to. I think that’s a mistake. That’s not the time to do this. What Phillip did last night, I believe, left an opening for someone other than Phillip to be in the finale.



Last season’s Stephano performed his new single “I’m On A Roll”. The song was just OK. It is what I call a formula song. Something out of a cookie cutter mold that sounds like 50 other songs. I wish Stefano well… he’s a great kid!


Katy Perry sang her latest smash “Part Of Me”. I’m not sure how the military theme works with the song??? But I have to give it to Katy for her live vocal. She sounded great, even while dancing her ass off. Great job Katy!!! I love the hook!

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