American Idol – One voted off (Top 5)

American Idol – One voted off (Top 5)

By: Eddie U


What can I say… the majority of the voters don’t really know the difference between a good vocalist and a mediocre one. There is no way Phillip should have been safe instead of Hollie tonight. Jimmy had it right, America had it wrong. Somebody had to go home tonight, and nearly 60 million votes sent the wrong singer home. 

The featured guest artists tonight are Cold Play & A.I. alum Carry Underwood.

Coldplay performed their song called “Paradise”. The song is catchy with a very good hook. Hearing lead singer Chris Martin should give you an appreciation for how good the A.I. contestants really are. Chris has a unique voice that is good enough to sell records, but might not be considered a great singer. Even Chris had some singing issues tonight. I’ve heard him sing better. (Maybe he wasn’t feeling well tonight.)

Their second song “So Wonderful” is a well written song. It’s reminiscent of Bono and U2. Chris really worked the stage on this tune, and did a great job entertaining.


Carry Underwood sang “Blown Away” from her new LP. She looked great which is more than I can say for her song. Carry goes pop. The song had a weak melody structure supported by a weak hook. I wasn’t blown away.


Here are the singers that will go through to next week – with Jimmy’s remarks:



Joshua started with “Ain’t To Proud To Beg”, he sang it great. When he sang “To Love Somebody”, the sky opened. As far as I’m concerned, this year, that was the best performance on American Idol. Steven Van Zandt was floored, and Steven has been around a long time. This kid deserves greatness. And we at Interscope (records) are going to do everything we can, to not drop this ball.



Phillip should be commended, because the way he is feeling now, most people would have quit. This week, I think he did two very bland songs. You have to be willing to fail in order to really win. I feel Phillip’s been coasting. He should be in the bottom two.



Jessica singing “You Are So Beautiful” was just that. It was beautiful. It was magnificent. But where I take issue, is the other song. I think we all know by now, that I believe, Jessica is technically the best singer in the competition. But last night was a travesty. At rehearsal, Steven wanted to talk her out of doing “Proud Mary”, I didn’t back him on that, I should have. Jessica’s (Tina Turners song) song was too mature, too racy, just lost the plot. And I think it’s gonna hurt her.



Here are the bottom two for tonight’s show, with Jimmy’s remarks:


She’s a fighter. She suits up and shows up every night. I think she did well. As far as “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”, It had Nashville, but it had Vegas and Broadway in it. That’s the one performance that I’ve seen her do that I wasn’t really thrilled with. In order for Skylar to get to the finals, she’s gonna have to find that crushing song that wins the night. And she hasn’t done that for a while.



This is a critical week for Hollie. We all know that she needed a game changer. When it came to “River Deep Mountain High”, she pulled it off. It was the most believable I’ve seen her yet. In terms of “Believe In Love”, Hollie did a very competent job. I believe she is safe for the week.



Voted OFF tonight:

Skylar Laine



I’m not sure why she didn’t connect more with the audience. She shouldn’t have gone home tonight. Her choice of songs really hurt her this week. But fear not Skylar… you are going to be a huge star. Now go kick some country ass.



Here is the link to the American Idol web-site.

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