American Idol – Finalist Compete – Top 6

American Idol – Finalist Compete – Top 6

By: Eddie U


Special Guest Artists

Queen – featuring Brian May & Roger Taylor and some of Queen’s best known songs.


Perhaps,  because I love and respect Queen, and all the great material they released, is why I need to be real about the opening medley of Queen Songs. I suspect I’ll hear from some of the A.I. fans about it. My experience was a strange mix of being happy about seeing Brian and Roger, and at the same time NOT digging the singing from the top 6. Everyone sounded like they were singing karaoke – except when the canned (pre recorded) vocals came in underneath the live singers, which sounded great.

Eddie U – my take.

Jessica – Good start to the show, I only wish that Jessica was as good as the band that backed her on the opening song. The band rocked the song hard! Great job guys! Jessica didn’t have one of her best moments on this song. It was still a strong performance with some issues.


Skylar should have opened the show. WOW… this little lady is going to be a HUGE star.

She has to be the front runner at this point in my opinion. Then again… the teeny bobbers that vote don’t always vote for the best singers. Note: the audience was oddly cold after Skylar’s song. Not sure why?)


Joshua had one of the better songs, and sang the hell out of it. It took me a little time to warm up to Joshua’s style and voice on this song, but by the end he was rocking it hard.


Elise was at a disadvantage in that she chose one of Queen’s lesser known songs. She drew the weakest song of the night. She did a good job of it however.


Phillip really needed the back up singers to make him sound good tonight on his first song of the night. Can you say karaoke? Frankly… I’m not sure why he’s still in the competition. Phillip should be in the bottom three tomorrow night.


In order of appearance:



Song: Bohemian Rhapsody.

Score – 8:

Steven Tyler: I think Freddy Mercury would have been proud to hear that. Rock is not your forte.

Jennifer Lopez: You need to have a little bit of that Rock performance. All in all… really really great performance.

Randy Jackson: I actually loved it. I believe you can sing anything. Channel a little Tina Turner.

(Randy got this one right. J.S. sang the hell out of that song.)



Song: The Show Must Go On

Score – 10

Steven Tyler: That was over the top. The energy, the passion, the way you sing, the way you hit your notes for an 18 year old girl. Oh my God… That was fabulous.

Jennifer Lopez: I got goosies on that one. I see you – not only listening, but really really articulating every part of the story. It was powerful – it was great.

Randy Jackson: You know what??? That was incredible DUDE. I believe you. Dude – Yo – Ryan – This girl right here… She’s gotta have it dude – that was phenomenal.

(All of the judges gave great critiques on this one, and Skylar deserved every bit of it. Let’s see if the voters get it right.

WHAT… no standing O… come on MAN!)



Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Score – 9

Steven Tyler: You have such a style, such a classic style, that sounds like nobody else.

Jennifer Lopez: Is it bad for me to say? That my… Joshua’s part of the show is my favorite part of the show.

Randy Jackson: Let’s go down the line… vocals – 4 checks, performance – 4 checks, character, and charisma – 4 checks. Dude… you are so ready. You remind me of Sam Cook. This is like a Wilson Picket – young dude in the making. I love it Dude.

(A standing O? )



Song: I Want It All.

Score –8

Steven Tyler: You found your stride. You sang that like the classical song it was. If not even better tonight.

Jennifer Lopez: That was you in your element. Find the right song.. And you gonna just murder it, and you did.

Randy Jackson: Performance after performance tonight. That was unbelievable as well. Brilliant.

(Good job,)



Phillip Phillips

Song: Fat Bottom Girls

Score – 4

Steven Tyler: (STIZM – The bigger the cushion – the bigger the cushion.) I love watching you run out of breath. I love it. And great choice of song.

Jennifer Lopez: I feel like you give us different flavors – even though you sing songs the same, and they’re yours. And that is a mark of a great singer.

Randy Jackson: Was I jumping up and down? No… It was good.

(Randy got it right on this one. Jen… please – Phillip is the weakest singer on the show tonight. The only reason he has lasted this long is because the judges keep giving Phillip praise he doesn’t deserve.)


Holly Cavanah

Song: Save Me

Score – 8

Steven: I love the way you sing a Queen Song.

Jennifer: I really felt you get emotional with that song. I still feel like your thinking.

Randy: I think it was a good performance. Everybody needs to come on and have a moment.

( Hollie… don’t worry about it  babe… You are going to be big, and will sell lots of records. The judges are really hard on you. I think they are stuck on a previous vibe that came earlier in the show, and they don’t know how to get off that one.)

Round 2


Song – Dance With My Father

Score – 9 1/2

Steven: Your voice is so different than enybody else’s. It kinda touches on Whitney (Houston) – but then I think you have your own thing going on. And to watch you evolve the way we have – it’s just a – a joy and a pleasure for me and an honor to watch you unfold your wings the way you have. So thank you.

Jennifer: Luther Vandross is one of my favorite singers of all time. That may have been the best I heard that song sang. The feeling for me more than anything is what makes me say that… it was the most beautiful I have ever heard it.

Randy: Yo umm,  I’m I’m just a… so amazed at the talent this year, I gotta say – I think all of you are ready to jump on the charts and you guys can all do well and be big stars,,, and have a career in this. You are truly amazing to me because, you’re so natural.

Dude – I mean every time you get up and sing – you know what’s wrong with it? Absolutely nothing.

(Again… Jessica is at least in the top three, and could go all the way.)

Skylar Laine

Song – Tattoos On This Town.

Score – 9

Steven: You can do no wrong.

Jennifer: You are very comfortable. You took us there again.

Randy: I am a gi-normas fan. I love dude – you are fearless. Another great performance.

(I agree with Steven. The song wasn’t as strong as it needed to be. Skylar nailed it none the less. I love this girl.)


Song – Ready For Love

Score – 10

Steven: I hope the label finds you a bunch of good songs man and you’re off to the moon.

I smell the finish line.

Jennifer: I don’t even know what to say to you. Transcendent. It’s such a gift.

Randy: I’m so speechless. You are like – so way beyond your age. These people are really singing.

(Two standing O’s for Joshua tonight. I definitely agree with this one. Just for the record – that is 12 standing O’s from the judges. I guess we know who they want to crown, and it just may come to fruition. The top three are Joshua, Jessica and Skylar)


Song – Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix

Score – 7

Steven:  You gotta do songs that people know. (STIZM – You can’t pick the cherries with your back to the tree. I loved it… never the less.

Jennifer: You slayed that song, that it didn’t even matter. I feel like you are one of the best singers, boxing with the song.

Randy: I am a huge Hendrix fan, I’m a huge Elise fan, for me it wasn’t the right song for you. I didn’t love it.

(Elise could be the 21st century version of Stevie Nicks meets Janis Joplin. Look OUT!)


Song – The Stone – by Dave Mathews

Score – 10

Steven: Off the wall. I think you found your nich.

Jennifer: A little bit obscure – a little artsy.( the song).  I need you to do songs that can get you, on that last show, so you can will.

Randy: You are an artist. Die sing or swim – Phil Phillips will always be Phil Phillips. I love it dude.

( Phillip surprised me tonight. He can sell a song when it is in his vibe. The song tonight could be a hit. Phillip has a killer vibe when he’s in his lane… but he’s just not versatile enough to win this show.)


Song – The Climb

Score – 9 1/2

Steven: You sing a song like it’s going out of style. Just beautiful.

Jennifer: That was stepping it up. It was perfect.

Randy: Now that’s the Hollie Cavanah we love. Hollie is back. Perfect song for you.

(Standing O for Hollie! Hollie finally had her “Moment” on the show. I believe it was enough to get her into next week.)

Note: Ryan sounded like he was sick tonight. You could tell… the singers didn’t want to get too close to him. And Ryan wasn’t really being considerate, by talking six inches away from Joshua. Come on man!






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