American Idol – Finalist Compete – Top 5

American Idol – Finalist Compete – Top 5

By: Eddie U


Little Steven Van Zandt was the guest mentor with Jimmy in the studio helping the contestants with their material for this weeks competition. I loved seeing Steven rib Jimmy. They must be very good friends.

Eddie U – my take.


Hollie got the honors of opening the show tonight. And she certainly deserved it based on her performance. I must say that Hollie has got to take the title of “Most Improved” of any contestant on the show. I hope she doesn’t go home tomorrow night.


Phillip’s opening number was flat flat flat. His vocals sounded like every other vocal he’s performed on the show. This kid has got to change it up, or he’s going home.


Skylar should have fought for a better song for her opening number. The Creedence song has a good beat, but not much of a melody. This song might hurt Skylar. The judges liked it more than I did.


Joshua and Phillip sang “You Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers. The genius that thought of this duet with this song should be fired. This was the worst performance of the whole series. Horrible idea!

Steven T. loved it.


Jessica performed Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” with a lot of energy and a solid stage performance. Her vocal was very strong as usual. The production was good, but there was something a little odd about it. Perhaps the song was a little to mature for the 16 year old?

Randy heard it too.


Joshua’s opening song – “Ain’t To Proud To Beg” – was solid and flawless. Joshua has consistently performed well week after week, to the point that we expect a 10 every time. And this singer delivers every time. Well done! Again…

(What… no standing O?)


Hollie’s second song was even better. WOW… this little lady is really firing on all cylinders at the right time. We truly are seeing a star being born right before our eyes. Great job Hollie! The judges agree.


Phillip’s version of the Zombies hit was a little out of his range and his pitch problems tonight really showed his vocal limitations. I think Phillip is on the bottom tonight. Again… the judges were way to kind to Phillip on this tune.


The trio: Girl power as Jessica put it. The girls performed “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher” And did a very good job on it. They put a bit of shame on the boys.


Skylar knocked it out of the part with her second song, singing the 60’s Dusty Springfield hit. Her version of the song could be a hit on the radio right now. A.I. is having a great night with some incredible performances, and we are lucky to witness more than one star being born on the show. Look out America. Here comes Skylar.


Jessica’s second song was a ballad entitled “You Are So Beautiful”. It was a good song choice to show off her beautiful voice. She did a great job on it… I just hope it was enough to put her through to the next round.


Joshua’s second song started out slow, with less energy than what you would expect from this great singer. But as usual, Joshua kicked it into second gear and brought the cool ballade home to papa. This song could also be a hit today. Wow… these British songs had some great melodies. Take note all you young song writers.

The judges finally gave up the standing O for the night.


In order of appearance:


Holly Cavanah

Song – River Deep Mountain High – by Tina Turner

Score – 9

Steven Tyler:  Hollie, it’s the first time I heard you step out and use your blues. You just did it, and you showed me you got it in ya. Thank you lord.

Jennifer Lopez: I could really feel you attacking the song. And it was a different type of Hollie out there tonight. I really could feel you. Really good.

Randy Jackson:  I loved it too. That second verse… dude you wore it out. I was like yo – she’s diggin in… she’s diggin in. Very nice.


Phillip Phillips

Song – The Letter – by The Box Tops

Score – 5

Steven Tyler: Good news bad news. Bad news first. I miss the melody. But the good news is – man you get away with it. You get away with it like The Stones get away with it.

Jennifer Lopez: The song for me did lack a little melody. You Phillip Phillips it again. I just want to get up on my feet when you’re done, I wanna start clapping and I wanna applaud you.

Randy Jackson: This is what I’m lovin in this moment right here. You came out and changed it. Maybe it didn’t have as much, quite the melody or what ever in the chorus. Actually, you made it new for me. I loved it dude.



Song – 7

Score –  

Steven Tyler:  You love music – and music loves you. It was just fabulous, your dress, everything, your voice… I love it.

Jennifer Lopez: 

Randy Jackson:  Big hand for one of the best bands ever – Creedence Clearwater Revival. You are born to be on a stage. America, get ready, when ever it is… this girl was born to be doing what she’s doing. Another great performance from you.



Song – Proud Mary – by Tina Turner

Score – 8 1/2

Steven Tyler:  The only thing that gives experience a run for its money is a 16 year old. You did it again. And I’m hearing the blues come out of you.

Jennifer Lopez:  You’re so grown up… there. I always forget that your 16 years old. You were a little bit Tina, a little bit Beyonce. I love seeing you move.

Randy Jackson:  This performance was barley OK for me. You took on the biggest dragon of the night. It really didn’t quite sit with me.



Song – Ain’t To Proud To Beg – by The Temptations

Score – 9 1/2

Steven Tyler:  You’ve got to be one of the best two top idols of all time. You sing so fine, you’re such a talent, you’re so on fire right now man. It was great.

Jennifer Lopez:  You’re like a throwback from another era.

Randy Jackson:  You can bring R&B back in a different way.


Round 2


Holly Cavanah

Song – Keep Feeling The Love – by Leona Lewis

Score – 10

Steven Tyler:  I love it. You just did what you do so well.

Jennifer Lopez:  I think you surprised yourself. That was amazing. You belong here.

Randy Jackson:  This girl’s a fighter and you’ve been the dark horse all season. You were two for two tonight, and that was unbelievable. You are peaking at the right time. This is perfect timing. You’re doing an amazing job.


Skylar Laine

Song – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – by Dusty Springfield

Score – 10

Steven Tyler:  Just more proof that it works when you work it. You just took that song and brought it into the 21st century. And you did it so well.

Jennifer Lopez:  You want to win. And you just might. You’re winning over the hearts of America as we speak.

Randy Jackson:  You are definitly peaking at the right time. That was like flawless, that was amazing. I believe you. I’m transfixed on everything that you’re doing. That’s the mark of a great singer.


Phillip Phillips

Song – Time of the Season – by The Zombies

Score – 4  

Steven Tyler:  I’m glad you sang the melody. You sang it really well. So good for you.

Jennifer Lopez: It was good. You did a good job with it.

Randy Jackson:  Yo… he really can sing the melody. I thought it was a nice performance.



Song – You Are So Beautiful – by Joe Cocker.

Score – 9 1/2

Steven Tyler:  You once again showed America just how beautiful your voice is. And what a great singer you are. You’re going to be number one girl.

Jennifer Lopez:  Great job mama.

Randy Jackson:  This girl’s in the top of the leader board right now dude. When you can hold a straight note, like you did so many times, and then have the vibrato come at the end, and be so even… is so pro. Your talent level is unbelievable. So good.


Song – You Don’t Know What It’s Like – by The Bee Gee’s

Score – 10

Steven Tyler:  That would have been a hit record right there.

Jennifer Lopez:  There are so few people that can perform that way. You are one of the best singers I’ve seen in fifty years. It’s crazy baby. Jimmy… you better not mess this up. This boy deserves this.

Randy Jackson:  The fact that you could take something that you have never heard, and deliver it like that with that much passion. Dude – your experience is way beyond your age. You have to be born – America – to do that. I have been doing this for 11 years… you are one of the best singers ever on this show – ever. That was incredible.

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